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colour design studio

Colour Design Studio is a boutique architectural colour design consultancy focusing on two main areas of colour design – workplace and residential environments. The consultancy aims to provide creative solutions and excellent service in order to achieve a client’s objectives, style and vision.

Colour Design Studio was established by Michelle McCallum to assist in the development of a colour and materials palette that complements your space and to assist in creating:

  • a unique statement about your residence or
  • a specific image, aestethics and functionality in your work environment

create seamless colour palette schemes from inside to out like a professional designer

A colour palette will incorporate all of the interior and exterior colours and finishes from inside to out. For the exterior, you will need to include everything from the ground to roof whilst keeping in mind everything on the interior from floor to ceiling.

When creating and clarifying your brief it’s imperative to observe many details. The first thing to do is Read more