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create seamless colour palette schemes from inside to out like a professional designer

colour consultant

A colour palette will incorporate all of the interior and exterior colours and finishes from inside to out. For the exterior, you will need to include everything from the ground to roof whilst keeping in mind everything on the interior from floor to ceiling.

When creating and clarifying your brief it’s imperative to observe many details. The first thing to do is peruse the locality then stand at the front of the premises and observe the streetscape, surrounding architecture and light sources. Next walk around the site noting what elements would be best to feature and those that you may want to blend. At this point it will start to become obvious which colour palette scheme will work best. Taking colour cues from Mother Nature will also assist when deciding on the type of colour scheme you will design whether it be monochromatic, harmonius, complementary, triadic etc to get the best possible outcome. It’s also important to include colours you like as well.

Next look inside at what existing elements remain, any that will change and therefore need to be included in the new palette. Create a palette of samples of existing colours and finishes. Add flooring, furnishings, fabrics, artwork etc that co-ordinate with the existing colours and finishes linking inside to out so it flows seamlessly to the eye to create the ultimate in design … unity.

If you get stuck, remember to utilise the colour theory basics of hue (colour name like red, blue or yellow etc), tone (the lightness or darkness of a colour) and chroma (intensity of a colour). Limit your palette to ‘three’. This could be three hues, tones or chromatic levels of intensity. In some cases it could be a combination of all three!

If you’re starting from the drawing board these simple guidelines can still apply to a new residence or renovation. Find a source of inspiration or a starting point. Over the years, I’ve had clients present a range of sources from dinner plates, pieces of fabric, artwork and magazine pictures at the first meeting.

From the outset keep in mind that the ultimate response to your installed colour palette scheme should be absolute pleasure with the outcome and that you are happy living with it. That way you know you got it right!

N.B. Always check with local authorities to find out what exterior colours and finishes are permissible and if any are not in your area. These may be conveniently listed on your local council’s website.





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