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When designing an exterior paint colour scheme consider the LRV (Light Reflectance Value) of all finishes.

LRV is a measurement of the amount of light reflected from a surface or colour. It is measured by percentage.

Some paint companies provide LRV’s within their colour charts.

Choosing a lighter colour, with a higher LRV, enhances the overall rating. For walls that soak up afternoon sun consider lighter colours to reflect summer heat and thus reduce heat absorption. Always check with your trained and qualified painting contractor if the substrate can take the colour your proposing. Afterall, they are the professionals!

Below is an extended grey scale to see where your proposed colours sit on the LRV scale. Usually, the grey scale has 9 steps where as this one, designed for LRV, has 10 steps which easily relates LRV to percentages.

Photo Credit & LRV Scale Source:

Photo Credit & Source:

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