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colour inside and out

colour consultant

The purpose of this blog is to inform, educate and maybe even entertain those interested in the wonderful world of architectural colour design.

In my work life I am passionate about creating seamless colour designs from inside to out for residential, commercial and corporate clients. My personal and professional belief, knowledge, skills, expertise and experience drives me to fulfill the idea that an interior and exterior colour scheme should be one. Interiors and exteriors do not have to be isolated. Great colour designers know how to achieve this balance and link what’s happening inside to what’s happening on the outside!

In my life, outside of work, I’m passionate about many things including the ‘great outdoors’ that Australia has to offer. I enjoy travelling both locally and abroad. Wherever I am I look to ‘Mother Nature’ for inspiration.

Throughout the life cycle of this blog I plan to share ideas, experiences, solutions and information on ecologically and biologically sound hard and soft surface finishes that improves the indoor air quality to make our homes and workplaces comfortable, safe and productive … and colourful as well!



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